COMMITTEE REPORT:  LWVNPC ECONOMIC EQUITY (formerly poverty/healthcare/ juvenile justice)

  • Changed the name of the committee to Economic Equity to encompass more focus areas
  • Held a well-attended Hot Topic on Affordable Housing in October 2022
  • Further developed partnership with the local chapter of the NAACP by having their president serve as moderator for Affordable Housing Event.
  • Made contacts with key figures in the community with expertise in Affordable Housing and engaged them as speakers for Hot Topic event.
  • For the first time, live streamed a Hot Topic event (Affordable Housing) to the LWVNPC Facebook page.
  • Represented LWVNPC at the Greater Tarpon Springs Community Council to support and communicate an innovative program by the Tarpon Springs Housing Authority called “Home to Share.” Met with previous co-chairs to transition committee responsibilities.
  • Attended Florida Voices for Health update on Medicaid Expansion to support the Healthcare for Florida Coalition, of which the Florida League is a member.

LWVNPC 2023-24 ACTION PLAN:  ECONOMIC EQUITY (formerly poverty/healthcare/ juvenile justice

  1. Affordable Housing
    1. Advocate for increased housing options locally by supporting change and innovation with all associated housing and zoning authorities in the county.
    2. Encourage more publicity for affordable housing availability at local events.
    3. Conduct Hot Topic on affordable housing in another area of the county from the 2022 event or a Community Conversation in conjunction with an adjacent League or county.
  2. Health Equity
    1. Advocate for the need for Medicaid expansion, coordinating with Florida Voices for Health.
    2. Support broadening of Florida’s Medicaid eligibility requirements in light of impending eligibility redetermination of all Floridians currently covered by Medicaid.
    3. Advocate for improved provision and access to healthcare, including mental healthcare that is equitable and inclusive.
  3. Support the Florida LWV legislative priority on Reproductive Health and Justice by participating and reporting back from the state committee.
  4. Continue work on Juvenile Justice issues.
  5. Advocate for equity in all services, policies, and activities of the LWVNPC.


Mina Harkins, Committee Chair